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The course is brought to you by The Israel Society for Musculoskeletal Medicine (ISMM).

The course is a 10 lectures series on the scientific principles of diagnosis and management of myofascial pain.

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Opening Remarks / Dr. Simon Vulfsons

Online Course
This course is brought to you by the ISMM staff
  • Dr Simon Vulfsons

    Specialist in Internal Medicine and Pain Medicine.
    Co-founder and past chairman, Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.
    Director, pain education studies, Rappaport School of Medicine, Technion Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
    Director, Institute of Pain Medicine, Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel.
    Director, Rambam School of Pain Medicine.
    President of FIMM.
    Dr Vulfsons is one of the senior instructors in pain and musculoskeletal medicine in Israel. He has taught extensively in all aspects of pain medicine with a special emphasis on musculoskeletal pain and myofascial pain syndrome.
    Member of IAMMM.

  • Prof. Aharon Finestone (Associate)

    Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery, Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center, Zerrifin, affiliated to the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.
    Board member, Israel Orthopaedic Association.
    Member, Israel Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.
    Member, American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.
    Member, Israel Sports Medicine Society.
    Member, Israel Society for protection from Radiation.
    Member, Israel Medical Society for Choosing Wisely.
    Treasurer of FIMM.
    Member of IAMMM.

  • Dr. John Kent

    Specialist in Family Medicine.
    Clinical Instructor, Faculty of Medicine, Bar Ilan University, Israel.
    Co-founder and past Secretary, The Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.
    Course Director and Lecturer, Rambam School of Pain Medicine.
    International Board of Advisors and Senior Lecturer, Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (Vancouver, Canada).
    Active Clinical Practice, Maccabi Health Services, Western Galilee Region.
    Since 1985 Dr. Kent has been active in the management of musculoskeletal pain using the deep dry needling technique developed by Dr. Chan Gunn. He has taught internationally on the practical office management of Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

  • Dr. Motti Ratmansky

    Specialist in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    Pain Unit Director, Loewenstein rehabilitation Hospital, Raanana, Israel.
    Dr Ratmansky is a senior instructor in pain and musculoskeletal medicine in Israel.

  • Dr. Amir Minerbi

    Board Certified Family Physician.
    Resident, Rambam Institute for Pain Medicine, Haifa.
    Ph.D. Graduate in Neuroscience from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.
    Practitioner of musculoskeletal medicine.
    Board member of the Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.
    Clinical instructor in the Technion Faculty of Medicine and a Lecturer in the Rambam School of Pain Medicine.

  • Dr. Negev Bar

    Specialist in Family Medicine.
    Chairperson, The Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine.
    Clinical instructor and staff member in the Department of Family Medicine, Haifa, Israel.
    Family Practitioner, Clalit Health Service, Haifa Region, Israel.

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